Traditional Hawaiian Herbal Teas - Mamaki Loose Leaves

Traditional Hawaiian Herbal Teas - Mamaki Loose Leaves

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Traditional Hawaiian Herbal Teas- Mamaki Loose leaves containing both whole and smaller pieces. Naturally grown on the Big Island of Hawaii by Traditional Hawaiian Herbal Teas. Ingredients: 100% Hawaiian Mamaki (Pipturis Albidus). Net Weight 1.0 ounce.

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  • No caffeine and cholesterol. Naturally grown.
  • Soothing, cleansing and rejuvenating.
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Possible Health Benefits: People order Mamaki tea for helping to control hypertension, seasonal allergies and other illnesses.**

**Allergy/Caution: Pregnant or nursing women and individuals with serious illnesses should contact your physician prior to drinking the tea. The FDA has not verified any health claims.

Instructions: For small servings, you can add about 1 or 2 leaves to 1 regular size coffee cup of hot water. Add or remove leaves to suit your desired taste.

If desired color/taste is not brought out initially, you can try reheating the water or add a few more leaves.

Storage information: Keep in cool and dry location. Place in a box or plastic container.... or better yet, a container made out of metal and out of direct sunlight. Quantities may be limited, so shop now.

Updated:  4/2023