Kitchen of Creation Hawaiian Mamaki Tea - Cut Leaves, 2 Qty, 1.1 oz (CANADA)

Kitchen of Creation Hawaiian Mamaki Tea - Cut Leaves, 2 Qty, 1.1 oz (CANADA)

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Kitchen of Creation Hawaiian Mamaki Tea Cut leaves (very small pieces, sometimes called crushed leaf).  Ideal for tea bags, tea balls and tea kettles. Delicious and purifying tea promoting vitality and longevity.  Caffeine free.  Enjoy it hot or chilled. Net weight 1.1 ozs.

Special Order - Shipping to CANADA.  Two quantity, 1.1 oz packets for $88 (Price expires on 3/11/2024).  If you are interested in ordering the product, please contact for a price quote.

Grown in Kona on the slopes of Mauna Loa (Big Island of Hawaii), many of you may have tried this wonderful product at the Keauhou Farmers Market and Kona Sunset Farmers Market.

  • Shipping costs are already included in the price. Also, the per price cost of the item goes down as the quantity increases.
  • Kitchen of Creation Mamaki Tea is grown naturally without harsh chemicals or fertilizers.
  • Ancient Hawaiians often used Mamaki tea to control blood pressure and other ailments (not scientifically evaluated by the FDA).

You can use the cut teas in a French press or a strainer.  For people who are concerned about using tea bags, this is a great alternative.

Please note that the health benefits have not been medically verified by the FDA.  Also, please contact your doctor for any questions or concerns especially if you have serious illness or pregnant.

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Store indoors in cool, dry area.

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Updated 03/2024