Traditional Hawaiian Herbal Teas- 6 Mamaki Tea Bags (In Stock!)

Traditional Hawaiian Herbal Teas- 6 Mamaki Tea Bags (In Stock!)

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Hawaiian Mamaki Tea Bags. Naturally grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. 6 tea bags per packet. Try the convenience of tea bags. You take it with you to work or on trips. All you need is hot water. Net Weight 0.5 ounces. Made in Hawaii by Traditional Hawaiian Teas. Order today.

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The Mamaki leaves come directly from Mamaki plants growing in Hawaii's rainforests. The plants utilize nutrients already occurring in the rich forest environment to create a smooth and mild flavor.

According to the grower, no chemicals (such as herbicides and pesticides) and fertilizers are used.

Possible Health Benefits: People order Mamaki tea for naturally helping to control hypertension, seasonal allergies and other illnesses. This nformation based on customer responses.

**Allergy/Caution: Pregnant or nursing women and individuals with serious illnesses should contact your physician prior to drinking the tea. The FDA has not verified any health claims.

No caffeine and cholesterol. 100 percent Hawaiian green tea certified.

Ingredients: 100% Hawaiian Mamaki (Pipturis Albidus)

Directions: Boil 3 cups of water in non-aluminum tea pot. Add 1 tea bag to boiling water. Cover. Let steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Reheat if needed. To increase strength, taste and color, let it steep for longer. One tea bag will yield approximately 4-6 cups of delicious hot Mamaki tea. Drink 3 cups a day for 5 days and rest for 2 days. Drink to good health.

Storage information: Keep in cool and dry location. Place in a box or plastic container.... or better yet, a container made out of metal and out of direct sunlight.

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Updated 3/2018